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Pascal Archille

My goal is to offer you quality support in listening and kindness so that you experience deep relaxation, letting go, escape, relief. I strive to provide the best of myself in each treatment I provide. 

My learning allowed me to forge my touch as well as:

  • welcome and take care of customers

  • use draping techniques

  • know the benefits and contraindications of each massage

  • use therapeutic tools such as essential oils, cupping therapy, reflexology stick

  • promote well-being massage and its ethics

massage assis sur chaise ergonomique dans une bulle de verdure

The ethics of the massage therapist

  • Exercise my art with total respect for the physical and moral integrity of my client (Only the areas of the body to be massaged are uncovered)


  • Respect strict confidentiality


  • Explain to my clients, in a complete and objective manner, the nature, prices and terms of the services that will be provided to them.


  • Always guarantee a premium service, maintaining my skills at their best level. (annual workshop and refresher course)


  • Do not interrupt or modify on going treatment;

  • Do not make a medical diagnosis. Refer anyone complaining of abnormal symptoms to a doctor immediately.

  • Refrain from any form of religious, political or sectarian proselytism.

  • Apply the rules of safety, comfort and hygiene: heating, sheets, towels, cushions... 

  • Use only quality organic products. (ORGANIC vegetable and essential oil)


Trained at the Bertrand PONCET Massages school (the reference on the French Riviera) I followed the following lessons:

Swedish massage

Level 1 (208 hours)

Deep tissue

(64 heures)

Massage suédois

Niveau 2 (112 heures)

On ergonomic chair

(48 Heures)

I also validated my certification in foot reflexology with Mr OHAYON Massotherapeute in NICE.


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