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AMMA seated massage (meaning “Calm through touch”), originating from Japan, is a form of traditional massage which was developed by Tokujiro Namikoshi (former Japanese practitioner of Shiatsu massage). This massage mainly focuses on the shoulders, back, arms, head and neck. It is renowned for its practicality and often used in places such as businesses, trade fairs or even special events.


What is Chair Massage?

Massage is similar to accupressure, it is a series of movements exercised on specific points along the meridians (energy channels). Rhythmic pressure techniques with thumbs and hands are included as well as mobilizationsjoints and percussion. It's a real energy shower. 

What are the benefits of a Chair Massage?

It provides immediate benefits in situations where a full massage is not available. Its accessibility and practicality allow you to benefit from its advantages for many people more easily. The possibility of experiencing a clothed massage could be a good start for those who would not dare try other styles of massage; your mind will be soothed.


I take a moment at the start of the session to get to know you in order to understand your expectations and to know how your body feels. By assessing your level of tension together I will be able to adapt my massage accordingly. 


20 min

Dressed on Ergonomic chair.


  • Reduced stress / soothes body and mind

  •  Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

  • Stimulates the nervous and circulatory system

  • Relieves muscle and joint tension

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