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It is a set of dynamic and versatile techniques. This consists of a sequence of maneuvers mainly performed on the muscles and joints. The massage begins gently to warm up the muscles and then  the maneuvers become deeper and more vigorous. Each segment of the body is massaged separately by uncovering it from the sheet. 

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This is deep tissue and postural massage. This technique uses Swedish massage to reach the deep muscle fibers as well as the stabilizing muscles of the prosthesis buried under the superficial muscular layers.



Relax and unwind  with your partner or with a friend. Your individual needs are taken into account by your masseurs to promote a peaceful atmosphere. 


 The practice of this discipline consists of exerting pressure on specific areas of the feet to act, via the baroreceptors. These "sensors" being activated, a relaxing wave is emitted throughout the body. The pressure exerted on a reflexogenic zone is perceived via the nervous system by the zone corresponding to the body, thus improving its functioning.

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