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Pascal Archille



Massage à Domicile ou au Cabinet

Pascal Archille Massage prêt à vous accueillir sur la table de massage
Massage aux points de pression

Massage Suédois

I do a reflexology session every week at Pascal Archille Massages.
Having tested many other institutes, in Paris and Nice, I can tell you that it shows (and feels) that he really knows his job. Which is rare!

Pascal immediately knows how to identify vital points and how to relax them while relaxing.
Go there with your eyes closed.
You will emerge relaxed, fulfilled and much lighter!

Guillaume Rolle, Nice 🔹

Bon Cadeau

Gift Card

A massage session offered as a gift? This is a brilliant idea!

Visualize the rewarding pleasure you offer this person by giving them the opportunity to fully enjoy a moment just for them ! 

le cabinet de massage un espace chaleureux  de détente


table de massage dans le cabinet


1 Heure : 70 €

1 Heure 30 : 100 €

2 Heure : 130 €

étirement myofasciale du  dos avec les avants bras


1 Heure : 100 €

1 Heure 30 : 130 €

2 Heure : 160 €

massage duo un moment complice à partager


Au Cabinet

1 Heure : 160 €

1 Heure 30 : 220 €

A Domicile

1 Heure : 200 €

1 Heure 30 : 260 €

Where to find US

The office is ideally located close to the A8 motorway, and 2 minutes from the tram. It is easy to park.

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