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Foot reflexology

“Vitality and health through the art of touch”

Plantar reflexology consists of activating “reflex zones” by exerting pressure on specific areas of the feet in order to remotely relieve pain and rebalance various vital functions. If you don't feel particularly comfortable with your body, foot reflexology can be a good start to experiencing touch.

massothérapeute effectuant une réflexologie plantaire

What is reflexology ?

Plantar reflexology, imagine your feet as magical remote controls for your well-being. Press the button and presto! Tension, stress and sometimes a few laughs escape from you.


It is a technique where each area of the feet is considered as a miniaturized representation of the human body. If your shoulders are doing the bumblebee dance, it seems there's a secret spot on your feet that might be whispering to them to relax.


Visualize it this way: reflexology is a bit like a journey through the human body... but with the feet as a tour guide.

What are the benefits of Plantar Reflexology?

The truth is that they have similar benefits to other massages, but they can vary from person to person. Many find that foot reflexology provides a feeling of deep relaxation and an improvement in their overall well-being.



I take a moment at the start of the session to get to know you in order to understand your expectations and to know how your body feels. By assessing your level of tension together I will be able to adapt my massage accordingly and use theessential oils adequate.

Reflexology can be a 60 minute session, however, 30 minutes can also be added to your Swedish massage or Deep Tissue massage.



On massage table Dressed + useessential oils+ reflexology stick.


  • Promotes relaxation and deep relaxation

  • Prevents diseases / Harmonizes vital functions

  • Calms the pain

  • Activates the lymphatic system

  • Mental Relaxer

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