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Aromatherapy: At the service of the massage therapist in Nice

essential oils can be used topically to relieve joint and muscle pain
Use of essential oil in massage oil


Definition: It is the use of aromatic extracts of plants or flowers, from which Essential Oils (EO) are obtained. EOs are obtained by extraction or steam distillation of volatile plant molecules. Aromatherapy is classified as alternative medicine.

Aromatherapy is a natural and effective response to the little hassles and ailments of everyday life, in order to improve comfort and well-being.

Made up mainly of molecules, EOs easily penetrate the body. They are used orally or cutaneously. The active principle of EOs acts quickly after its

application to go directly to the targeted organs or muscles.

EOs are powerful biochemical compounds that should be used with caution and sparingly. Likewise, it is necessary to take into account the different chemotypes of HE, this constitutes their

identity card which allows them to be differentiated. Indeed, depending on the climate, the season, the altitude or the terroir, the same plant can secrete different essences. THE

expected effects can be very different.

The art of aromatherapy is to find the right combination and dosages of EO to respond to different pathologies.


By definition, a synergy consists of combining different means to reinforce the desired action. In aromatherapy, an EO synergy will consist of combining different EOs together.

These oils can have varied properties allowing them to act at different levels. If they have the same properties, they can reinforce each other.


During massages, the EOs are diluted in vegetable oils, such as sweet almond, apricot kernels, sesame.

Depending on the pathologies and inspirations of his client, the therapist will use the synergy of EO that is appropriate.

The scents provoke an escape in the massage, an olfactory journey.

I am a massage therapist in Nice and I use oils not only for sports massage but also for well-being massage. In addition, in my office I diffuse a few drops on the sheet and the headrest for a perfect immersion in a world of relaxing scents.

Did you know ?

The yield of an aromatic can be very different from one plant to another to obtain essential oil.

7 kgs of cloves are enough to extract 1 liter of HE while around 4 tonnes of Damask Rose petals will be needed.

to distill only 1 liter of essential oil!! Hence the significant price differences between the different HEs.


Here are the synergies that I use on a daily basis with my clients:

- State of stress and trouble falling asleep (lavender - geranium - petit grain)

- Muscle cramps (lavandin - rosemary - rosewood)

- Frontal headaches (aspic lavender - peppermint - wintergreen)

- Bruises Hematomas (Helichrysum - lavender)

- Spider veins (Helichrysum - rosemary - lavandin)

- Stiff neck Torticoli (Lemon Eucalyptus - Ravintsara)

- Anxiety Nervousness (lavender - chamomile - Neroli)

- Lymphatic drainage (Palmarosa - laurel - rosewood)

- Physical fatigue Lack of tone (Ravintsara - rosemary - rosewood)

- Osteoarthritis pain (juniper - wintergreen - myrrh)

- Rheumatic Pain Sprains (laurel - wintergreen - rosemary)

- Varicose veins (cypress - lavandin - rosemary)

-Oedema of the lower limbs Heavy legs (cedar - cypress - rosemary)

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