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Duo massage, why have a massage for two?

Here are some answers that can help you choose between individualized or shared care:

Having a duo massage means sharing a moment of well-being and complicity with someone dear to you. This could be your spouse, your friend, your parent, or any other person with whom you want to share an experience of relaxation and well-being.

• The care and benefits provided by a massage are individual, such as relaxation, blood circulation, elimination of toxins, or suppleness of the skin. Yet you receive the same effects at the same time, which increases this feeling of lightness and well-being tenfold?!

• Your choice can be the same type of massage that suits you both best or it can be personalized, according to your needs and desires. You can opt for a relaxing, sports, Swedish massage or foot reflexology.

• You share a treatment that perhaps you would not dare to do alone in a practice or institute and this allows you to do different activities to enhance your daily life.

• Your connection with your massage partner is strengthened, by sharing a bubble of well-being in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

• You can prolong this moment of letting go by pursuing an activity that brings you pleasure together, such as going to a good restaurant, having a drink or even going to the cinema to see the latest romantic comedy for lovers.

Being a duo massage is therefore a way to break the routine in a relationship and it is also a pleasant way to take care of yourself and your significant other.

When should you get a duo massage?

For: a couple’s anniversary

On the occasion of Mother's or Father's Day: Give your parents a much-deserved moment of relaxation with a duo treatment, they will be more than grateful!

February 14: we celebrate all forms of love, Valentine's Day: It's a special day which can be marked with a white stone with a romantic couple's massage, in relaxation and letting go! Here is a gift idea for gentlemen that will delight and surprise these ladies!

Significant moments in family life such as wedding anniversaries Wedding parties

To celebrate your union or that of your loved ones, this precious gift will add inestimable value!

In the theme of marriage we have all the events which precede them with the bachelor parties (hen parties) or bachelor parties (stag parties).

A wellness break with friends or family: during a meeting between your loved ones or several activities are organized during the day, including a duo massage which will add a grandiose dimension to your day as well as many memories to share !

For any other occasion, such as end-of-year celebrations, birthdays, a promotion at work, a happy event, etc.

In short, you will undoubtedly please your other half as well as your loved ones by offering them a moment where all the senses are awakened and where physical and mental well-being is at the heart of your relationships.

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