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Why choose a massage at home rather than in a spa?

  1. A tailor-made and personalized massage

You can benefit from follow-up with the same masseur who will be aware of your preferences, the desired level of pressure as well as your known health problems. You can choose your city, your musical atmosphere. You book according to your own availability at the times that suit you best.

2. The environment

Relaxation and relaxation are more conducive to your cozy nest because you feel naturally relaxed there.

3. Quality of service

You benefit from a complete session. There is no time wasted. The session begins when you sit on the massage table. The session begins at the established time for the initially scheduled duration.

4. Time slot

Hours are much more flexible than in Spas. A wellness massage practitioner is generally available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., weekends and even public holidays are included.

5. Accessibility

This is an undeniable time saver for you. You find yourself comfortably at home and you are more willing to enter into a process of relaxation and letting go. Once the service is finished, you can rest and prolong the benefits of your massage.

6. Sharing

If you are a couple you can benefit from having a duo massage, or having a masseur who combines the two massages. This reduces the cost of travel expenses.

7. Peace of mind guarantees

The masseur has his own equipment with his table, sheets, massage oils and relaxing music playlist.

The practitioner arrives early to prepare his equipment to start the session at the scheduled time.

In short, massage at home, compared to services provided in a spa, offers more ease. It is with a zen and serene spirit that you can fully enjoy your moment of well-being.

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